Sanitizer Ballpoint Pen

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Colour: Blue
Size: Single
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Functionality and hygiene at its best. While the world prepares to stay abreast with all possible means to keep one free of germs, here we are bringing you a pen-tastic product - 2-in-1 Ballpoint Spray Pen. As sanitizers are the most important accessory to have at all times, this pen makes it even easier to keep it handy at all times. Whether you are one to share your pen with multiple people through the day, or someone who wants to make sure they never step out of their home without this essential - the sanitiser pen makes it convenient and easy.
About the pen:
  • Ballpoint Pen, with a sprayer, and ink colour is Black
  • Refillable content 5ml - about 40-50 sprays
  • Comes without sanitizer
  • Can be easily filled and refilled with any sanitizer by unscrewing the top refillable part of the pen
  • It can also be used to fill in perfume
  • Convenient, economical, compact and handy
  • Light-weight and unmissable for easy travel
  • Multi-functional: Use it as a sanitizer spray or perfume spray and a premium ballpoint writing pen

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