Drinking Snakes & Ladders

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The good old classic Snakes and Ladders game, only with a twist - Shooters and Ladders is the drinking version of the classic fun game that can be played with friends and family for a great time.

The game board is made of high quality glass and comes with 6 crystal shot glasses and 2 red plastic dices (the crystal dice as shown in picture is not included).

The rules are simple with the final objective of making every player go high up the general ladder of life. ;)

Every one takes turns in rolling the dice

Each player is given a shot glass

The purpose of the game is for 1 of the players to reach the end of the board before any other player.

Starting with the player with the red counter, each player rolls the dice in turn and moves their counter the number of squares indicated by the dice.

The player must take a drink, if he lands on a shot glass square. The player must 'climb' the ladder, if he lands on a ladder square and if the player lands on a snake, they must 'slither' down the snake.

The forfeits at several points in the game, while going up or descending, add an interesting twist.

Forfeits: Any player landing on a ladder nominates a shot for the person on his/her right, to "down in one". All players can cheer loudly, "Down in One, Down in One" to honour the request and encourage the nominee.

Any player that lands on a snake's head must drink a shot nominated by the player on his/her right, with all players cheering "Down in One".

Game ends when a player finally lands on the final square: Rest of the players drink a shot to honour the winner and gulp down their defeat. :D

Start again if you dare!

Our two cents: Drink responsibly. :)

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