Beer Pong Game Kit
Beer Pong Game Kit
Beer Pong Game Kit

Beer Pong Game Kit

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The perfect concoction to make lockdown absolutely brewtiful!

This Beer Pong party game set comes with balls and disposable glasses.

How to Play?

1. Divide the group into 2. Each group takes turns throwing the ball

2. Arrange the glasses in a pyramid filled with beer/any beverage of your preference

3. Each team gets to throw one ball upon their turn. The goal is to throw the ball into a cup of the opposing team

4. Drink the entire contents of the cup which you hit

5. The team which throws maximum balls and drinks maximum glasses of beer wins the Beer Pong game!

This kit includes 24 plastic re-usable glasses and 24 Ping Pong balls.

Our two cents: Drink responsibly. :)