If there's one thing the unfortunate deadly coronavirus has unravelled is the common human ability to spend from maximum to practically all the time at home, re-discover at-home fun activities and unfold cosy personal corners which otherwise we probably would not take another glance at.

This is also the time when anxiety, frustration, boredom and restlessness reach their tipping points leaving us perpetually irritable and dull. And it just gets worse when your work-from-home deadlines dangle over your head with that cranky face of your boss floating in thin air. 

Already feeling the negativity taking over? Say no more! 

PRA PRA KART's recently launched 'The Lockdown Edit' is here to solve just that.

With exciting drinking board games to super functional and versatile home office products, we want to make sure we can take away the dullness and truly un-LOCK that much-deserved uninterrupted moments of happiness for you.

With games like Lock-down it Ludo, Lock-down it Chess, Beer Pong etc., you know you’re truly raising the bar with those unique fun games that spell happy times for all. Give it a shot already, why don't you?

With our officially declared - coolest chalkboard and whiteboard stickers that come packed with functionality and ease of use, your WFH routine and activity planning will go up a notch. Easy to install, remove, re-use or re-position they're instantly loved and give your space a mini makeover as there is less mess with your goals written right where you can see them everyday and smash them one day at a time.

Our Dumbbell Water Bottle is one of the Editor's Picks with its supremely impressive capabilities. The bottle can capacitate 2.2 litres of water - which is almost the ideal amount you should be drinking every single day. Not just that - the bottle with that capacity can also be used for varying weights till upto 2.5 kgs which you can easily use for your at-home workouts.

Isn't that a win-win? Let the bottle rest where you work so you remember to hydrate yourself and not waste time by going for refills.

Check out the website for more such fun, quirky, functional and totally loveable products to give you a good time even in this Lockdown.

Stay safe, stay strong - we are all in it together.

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